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We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. We are here for you every step of the way.

Pre-Cremation Q&A

Answers to some commonly asked questions that we hope you find helpful. If your question isn’t here, call us!

Why choose CCC over other cremation services available?

While CCC may be a new cremation provider in our community, we come with a combined total of well over 50 years’ experience in the funeral industry. In our field of expertise, we have seen the trends of direct cremation going upwards for years. It is estimated that cremation will be the disposition of choice for 80% of the US population by 2035.

Currently, Texas has the third highest cremation rate in the US. The national average cost for direct cremation is $3700! Why pay this much when it is not necessary?

What makes us different from other providers?

You can rest assured that your loved one stays in our facility once in our care.

We offer add on services which make this time in your life more intimate. We have an option for window viewing of your loved one at our facility.  We offer a small family reception area to meet with up to 25 family members and even have a private memorial service with your own food and refreshments if you wish. We understand how difficult this time is and we want to accommodate you and your family as much as possible.

What makes us better than other providers?

If you have a need for a body to be removed, we will come make the removal. Whether it is 2am or 2pm, we will take minimal information from the nurse/social worker/chaplain, etc… Then, we will be on our way. We will call the family within 24 hours of removal, giving them time to grieve, before we start collecting information for death certificates.

Our staff will never ask to speak with the family for payment before making the removal. Our staff will never refuse a removal because the family has not yet contacted our office.

All our paperwork is completed via email with the Legal Next of Kin. Using email authorization paperwork allows families to stay in the comfort of their own home during this emotional process.

Who do we serve?

We serve the DFW Metroplex and some surrounding areas. Our care center is in Mesquite, which allows us to serve the following counties: Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin, Kaufman, Rockwall, and as well as some portions of Van Zandt, Hunt and Ellis Counties.

We also want to serve the medical care professionals in any way possible. We think it is important for medical care providers to educate their client families on making decisions before death occurs. Our staff will always be available to schedule meetings to explain more about cremation and its laws.

Where does the cremation take place?

On site! We have the very first crematorium ever built and/or opened in Mesquite. Once you call to have a removal made, our funeral director and/or staff will make the removal and bring your loved one directly to our crematory. We do not contract services to any 3rd party providers (except merchandise, such as urns), as do many other cremation services. Once the cremation is completed, the cremated remains will be walked directly next door, to our office. This also ensures any personal property that is picked up with your loved one will be returned to you, or, if requested, cremated with your loved one.

How long does your process take?

On average, it takes about 10 days to get all legal paperwork completed for cremation. The benefit to CCC versus other cremation providers is that we only serve the DFW area, allowing us more time to serve your client family. In some cases, there are delays, but in such cases, client families are always kept abreast.

What is NOT included in your package price?

Our package price of $795 includes everything needed for a cremation for someone weighing less than 300 pounds. Some counties require a cremation permit, and the price for the county permit varies from $26-$30 depending on the county. We include the first death certificate, and additional certified death certificates are $4 each. If we exceed 25 miles from Mesquite to make the removal, there is a small mileage fee of $3 per mile, one way. And of course, for the safety of our staff, we must remove any battery-operated device, and that incurs a small fee.

Post-Cremation Q&A

Answers to some commonly asked questions post-cremation. If you have any additional questions, please call 972-439-5070.

What do I need to travel with cremated remains?

When traveling within the United States, you will need a Burial Transit Permit with the cremated remains. This is standard when traveling by car, plane, train, boat, etc… If you are traveling outside the United States, you will also need a Cremation Certificate from the crematory. Complete Care Cremation provides both documents to all client families, as we allow our families to make their own decisions for the final disposition of their loved ones cremated remains.
When traveling abroad, some countries may require additional documentation, such as an affidavit that only the cremated remains of said person are in the sealed urn. The staff at Complete Care Cremation will not seal an urn. Therefore, we cannot attest that nothing has been or will be added to the cremated remains.
In addition, when traveling abroad some countries require the documents we provide to be translated into the recognized language of the country. This is a service we cannot provide.

Where can I scatter cremated remains?

In the State of Texas, you can lawfully scatter cremated remains on your personal property, or public property that is not inside a State or National Park. You cannot scatter cremated remains in protected areas, such as wildlife refuges or sand dunes. If you are seeking to scatter remains on a gravesite of an existing loved one, you must speak with cemetery personnel before doing so, as most cemeteries and memorial parks have their own rules for the scattering of cremated remains.

How do I scatter cremated remains?

There is no wrong way to scatter cremated remains in Texas (unless you are in a State or National Park, wildlife refuge or other protected area). If you plan to scatter cremated remains outside the State of Texas, please contact the state you are traveling to and inquire of their state laws.
Many people choose to use the plastic, temporary urn we provide and scatter the cremated remains directly from the plastic bag inside. In my personal experience with scattering cremated remains, ten people each had their own divided bag of cremated remains to scatter in the location of their choice, to always be near our loved one.
While scattering from the bag is an option, it is not necessarily to easiest. You can purchase a scattering urn, allowing the scattering process and/or ceremony to go smoothly sans mistake of where the cremated remains land. The urn is designed similar to a cereal box, making scattering very easy.
When scattering cremated remains, it is important to keep in mind what your loved one would have wanted. Were his/her wishes made public before passing?

Can I bury the cremated remains myself?

Yes, you can bury cremated remains yourself in some scenarios. You can purchase a biodegradable urn with a biodegradable bag for the cremated remains to go into. Biodegradable urns come with many options. For example, you can buy an urn that allows a tree to grow from it, allowing your loved one to grow with every tree branch! Biodegradable urns can also be used for water burial and are made specifically for fresh or saltwater burials.

What if I want the cremated remains buried or entombed in a cemetery?

Cemeteries and memorial parks are wonderful places to revisit all the memories with your loved one, at their final resting place. Cremated remains can be buried in the ground, placed in a mausoleum or a niche, which is basically a mausoleum specifically for cremated remains. Some memorial parks have a room full of glass-front niches, where families have placed the urn along with other details of memory, such as a photo or favorite possession.

Many cemeteries offer very specified ways to honor your loved one, such as with an engraved cremation bench, that can be placed under a tree, or some other favorite, allowable place in the cemetery. Many cremation benches can hold the remains of up to four loved ones!

Historically, with the burial of bodies, families purchased family lots in cemeteries or purchased large, private mausoleums to ensure the family stays together forever. I have seen many cemeteries recently with the same idea but scaled down in size for cremated remains. When in doubt about cemetery burial options, please contact the cemetery and or memorial park you are interested in.

Can the cremated remains be separated and given to everyone in the family?

Many families chose this option and use keepsake urns for giving out cremated remains. A keepsake urn looks like a “regular” urn, but only holds about 5 tablespoons of cremated remains, whereas a full-size urn holds approximately 200 cubic inches. We have keepsake urns available for purchase in our office. Of course, if you purchase your keepsake urns elsewhere, that’s fine! Please bring them with you when picking up cremated remains, and I will make the transfer(s) for you. Please keep in mind, per our General Price List, there is a charge per separation.

With this, I will advise against using cremation jewelry to keep a portion of cremated remains. The amount of cremated remains held in the charms is “sparce”. (Think – about 5 grains of sand). When it comes to jewelry, I would recommend a Life Print necklace or an Art Glass necklace. Both options are affordable, and the Art Glass necklace includes a very small amount of cremated remains.

Where can I get a thumbprint necklace?

Complete Care Cremation will provide prints to every family we serve, even if it is not requested. Life Print necklaces are a very popular way to remember your loved one every day. Necklaces are not the only thing we can offer in the way of a memorial thumbprint. Life Print keepsakes offers everything from necklaces to hunting knives! With the print we provide to you, we can order any products for you offered by Life Print.

What else can I do with the cremated remains?

There is no wrong way to honor your loved one. Alternative options are having an original piece of art made from the cremated remains of your loved one. Art Glass provides beautifully handmade keepsakes and there are many providers who can turn your loved ones cremated remains into a diamond – the color of your choice! Remember, the cremated remains are for you, the survivor. You do what gives you peace.

We are family-owned and family-operated. We know how important family is.

We are family-owned and family-operated. We know how important family is.

we’re here for you.



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We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. We are here for you every step of the way.

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